It is our intention to make this website as useful as possible with information and resources about death, dying, grief and loss.  It will include a rich cross section of information from national, state and local sources.  As we identify new material, websites and events of interest, we will add them. 

 Resources from the Vashon Conversation for the Living about Dying Weekend


The Workshop:  It’s All Ceremony:  A Workshop about End of Life Ritual

Description of Workshop:  This session will assist you in planning end of life rituals – for yourself and others.

Workshop Presenters:  Rev. Carla V. Pryne and Erin Durrett

Click here to download workshop handouts

·       Creating Rituals to Move through Grief

·       Notes from Ritual and Ceremony Workshop

·       Ritual and Music

·       Example of a Christian Memorial Celebration

·       Example of a Non-Denominational Memorial Celebration


The Workshop:  Spiritual Perspective on Dying for Those Not in a Faith Community

Description of Workshop:  In dying, each of us approaches the edge of our knowing and enters into mystery.  Explore how spiritual processes beyond our comprehension might be a part of the dying experience.

Workshop Presenter:  Tom Craighead, Retired Hospice Chaplain

Workshop Handout:  Letting Go in Peace

Click here to download workshop handout.

The Workshop:  End of Life Care -- Quantity vs. Quality

Description of Workshop:  Explore the challenging ethical decisions faced by patients, families and the health care team at the end of life.

Workshop Presenters:  Mark Fredericksen, Ryan Pferdehirt, Collin Hennessey

Video of Workshop on YouTube